About ESQLegal

ESQlegal is a collaborative, coworking space for corporate, start-up, and technology solo attorneys and small firms.

Locations are strategically located in tech corridors and are designed to bridge the gap between attorneys and legal service consumers.

For attorneys, in addition to a modern coworking space, we provide an environment for collaboration, mentoring and cross-referrals, with various tangible value added services, such as shared access to staff, software licensing access, accounting assistance and marketing for the coworking concept.

For legal consumers, we are striving to break the traditional barrier to legal access by using technology to provide transparent pricing models and access to attorneys.

Ours is a strong technology driven community that bring together attorneys, entrepreneurs, investors and other like-minded professionals.


Who can join ESQLegal?

ESQLegal is a coworking space for solo attorneys and small law firms. ESQLegal also reserves the right to accept other business professionals into the space.

What is ESQLegal?

ESQLegal is a coworking space housing resident attorneys that advise startup companies, companies in various stages of their growth or life cycle, founders, angels, incubators/accelerators and venture capital and private equity investors.

Is ESQLegal a law firm?

No. ESQLegal is not a law firm. It is a collective of coworking transactional attorneys. ESQLegal does not represent or warrant the services provided by its resident attorneys.

How does ESQLegal support security and confidentiality?

ESQLegal offers a secure coworking space with added firewall protection, security cameras, coded printing and monitored entry. All residents are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect client confidentiality.

How does the legal support staff service work?

Legal support staff are available for an additional monthly fee.

Can multiple people share a private office?

Yes, multiple people can work together in one office for an additional fee. We treat unique needs on a case by case basis.

How does mail and package handling work?

Mail and package handling are included in certain membership packages.

What additional technology does ESQLegal offer?

ESQLegal utilizes a technology platform where attorneys can reserve conference space, pay for space, communicate, see upcoming events, store documents, etc.

How do hot or floating desks work?

Floating or hot desks are available on a first come, first serve basis and may be paid for on a monthly basis.

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