This past weekend, ESQ legal was thrilled to host a very special birthday party for seven-year-old Leyana of Arvada, Colorado.  On Sunday, over 20 volunteers from the Denver community donated their time and resources to create a magical storybook birthday event, complete with cake, music, dancing, and costumes.  Leyana, who just turned 7, had a somewhat underwhelming turnout at the party her family had organized for her a few weeks prior, but that disappointment was short lived after Lindsay Robert of Royally Enchanted Princess and Character Parties decided that a second party was in order.  Ms. Robert made an announcement about the party on Facebook, but needed just the right event space to make the party extra special.  ESQLegal Founder and CEO Yev Muchnik was thrilled to offer up ESQLegal’s Larimer Street offices to host the magical two-hour event, complete with a DJ, live guitar performance, and lots and lots of food and giggles for Leyana and her friends.  “ESQ is an amazing workplace during normal business hours,” Muchnik said, “and seeing how it transformed for the community to come together last week is exactly what I hoped this space could promote.”

Fun was had by all.  Leyana danced with her friends, family, and more than 10 princess and superhero volunteers, all dressed in full costumes and makeup.  Local news outlets covered the event, and you can read more about the day and their coverage here.